The Pocket Document Scanner

Jenna Crossley



John Umekudo’s revolutionary Pocket Document Scanner is taking the educational world by storm. Students and teachers worldwide are raving about the invention that allows them to mirror their keyboard and handwriting and share their content via image, video, and even live video streaming.

The device was first envisioned during the COVID-19 lockdown when the need for sharing information remotely became dire. In particular, students of subjects like Mathematics began to suffer as they struggled to follow content that would otherwise be presented in the form of a handwritten tutorial or demonstration.

The Pocket Document Scanner can connect to a wide variety of platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. While already supported on Windows and Mac, the device’s compatibility continues to expand as techies around the world, from France to Jakarta, continue to contribute to the project.

The handy little item clips onto the top of a laptop screen and works through a series of small mirrors that are designed to reflect content and capture it on camera. When this happens, it is possible to upload the content to various platforms, including live social media platforms such as Zoom.

All in all, education has been revolutionised by this pocket-sized dynamo, which continues to grow in compatibility, and now, accessibility!