It’s the Time of the Year for Fall Colours

Jenna Crossley

As the days grow shorter and the temperature steadily drops, it is time to get cozy! While the outdoor air may have a chill, there is no reason why the inside of your house shouldn’t feel as warm and saturated as the leaves falling from the trees.
The comforting reds and yellows of autumn foliage are particularly trendy this year, with shades from canary yellow to crimson red making appearances.
If the idea of decorating your home with bold, bright colors is daunting, try incorporating these as small accents, such as placing a lemon pillow in a darker room, or a cherry carpet in a light, cooler room.
If these fall staples don’t appeal to you, a wide variety of color palates are available this year, from merlot and peach to ultramarine and maroon. Darker colors such as dove grey can be used to accent lighter colors such as peach or beige. Either way, fall colors have options for everyone. Top off your new autumn home with a glass of refreshing sangria and a cozy blanket, and you’re good to go!